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Fishing the West Coast of Mexico

Fishing, Methods, and Incredible Stories -

Fly Fishing the West Coast of Mexico
By Ed Kunze

Table of Contents

I Introduction Page 6

II Prolog Page 7

III About This Book Page 7

IV Blue Water Vs Inshore Page 9

a) What Is Blue Water? Page 9

b) Inshore – What Can You Expect? Page 11

V The Species Page 14

a) Sailfish Page 14

1) Paradise and Sailfish Page 14

2) The Excitement of Bait and Switch Page 18

b) Roosterfish Page 21

1) The Roosterfish Foundation Page 21

2) Roosters on the Costa Grande Page 22

3) Pop a Rooster Page 25

4) Extreme Roosters Page 28

5) World Record Roosterfish Page 32

c) Jack crevalle Page 36

1) Chasing Jacks Page 36

d) Yellowfin tuna Page 39

1) The Big Guys of Ixtapa Page 39

e) Dorado Page 44

1) Dorado! Page 44

2) “El Diablo” Page 49

f) Marlin Page 50

1) The Marlin of May Page 50

2) Team Work Page 54

VI Tag and Release of Billfish Page 57

a) The beginning Page 57

b) A Change of Attitude Page 65

c) Circle Hooks (and Kite Fishing Methods) Page 68

VII Fly Fishing Page 72

a) Experience Fly Fishing Page 72

b) Fly Fishing for Billfish Page 76

c) For Big Roosters: Go Fly a Kite Page 86

d) Tease Up a Sailfish Page 90

e) Fly Lines Page 97

1) Billfish Fly Lines Page 97

2) Inshore, Tuna, and Dorado Fly Lines Page 98

f) Fly Line connections Page 99

g) Setting the Hook and Fighting Your Fish Page 100

h) Fore Grips On Fly Rods? Page 103

i) Teaser Rods Page 106

j) Circle Hooks for Flies? Page 108

k) Roosterfish and Jack Crevalle Tips Page 110

VIII Baits and Rigging Page 113

a) The Barrilete Page 113

b) The Goggle Eye Page 114

c) Rigging a Teaser Bait Page 116

IX Pangas Vs cruisers Page 121

a) Panga! Page 121

b) Make a Small Boat Fish Big Page 125

c) Raising Fish: Do Some Boats Raise Fish Better Than Others? Page 132

X Shore Fishing Page 135

XI The Time Machine: Puerto Vicente Guerrero Page 138

XII The Versatility of 40 Pound Test Line Page 142

XIII The Captains Page 144

a) Adolfo – The Roosterfish King Page 144

b) Martin Page 146

c) Cheva Page 149

d) Santiago – The Mexican Tag and Release King Page 151

XIV Adverse Conditions – Rain Season, Earthquakes, and Moon Phase Page 154

a) Rain Season Page 154

b) Earth Quakes Page 154

c) Moon Phase Page 155

XV Conservation and the Future Page 156

a) Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas Page 156

b) Long Lines and Gill Nets Page 157

c) Are There Trout in the Sierra Madres? Page 161

d) Looking Back Page 165

XVI Recipes Page 169

XVII About the Author Page 177

Back cover Page 178